PCLinuxOS “KDE Full Monty”

PCLinuxOS have announced the availability of the 2012.09 “KDE Full Monty Edition”. This is a maintenance release of the regular PCLinuxOS KDE installation, with a special desktop layout, and many applications & drivers preinstalled. It is designed to address typical user-needs/tasks and make their user experience straightforward, easy, and fun.

PCLinuxOS KDE FullMonty 2012.09 is now available for download. This is a 32bit iso which can also be installed on 64 bit computers. Release Date: 09-06-2012. KDE Full Monty (pclinuxos-kde-fullmonty-2012.09.iso). Size: 3.98GB DVD. Md5sum: 2cdefe03ab89adf5cea34f12c8baa9ec. Produced by: Pinoc. User Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.

    KDE4-FullMonty features:

  • kernel 3.2.18 bfs, KDE 4.8.3, added many apps, and fully updated.
  • all kind of drivers/applications to deal with any kind of external hardware like cell-phones, scanner, printer, webcam, TV, Bluetooth, IPod, radio, etc.
  • 6 activity-focused virtual desktop layout, each with task-related desktop launchers of popular applications. Independent of the selected virtual desktop, any application can be accessed from the PCmenu.
  • customized fixes for wine and other applications; customized toolbar layout for konqueror, dolphin, and kwrite; window-focus strictly under mouse.
  • suggested minimum HW-requirements: 1 GB RAM, 20 GB harddisk, (3D-graphic card – not mandatory but strongly recommended).